Achieved 2019-2020 (EN)

Until last year, asap presented a Ten Point List every year. The Ten Point List has traditionally been a promise to the student of Nijmegen: asap is committed to these components in any case. You can refresh your memory by viewing the Ten Point List 2019.

Below you find what group members Thom, Annemarijn, Hans and Auke have achieved so far in the University Student Council, thanks to your vote. First a number of major themes, then feedback per point from the Ten Point List. Click on the bullet to read the full text.

Major themes

Proctoring – a far-reaching form of video surveillance – may be carried out during the last period of this academic year in order to perform examinations that cannot take place physically. Online proctoring is extremely undesirable because of the privacy inhalation and it is essentially rejected, but it can serve as a last resort to prevent study delays among a large group of students. The group believes that it is important to establish objectively that all alternative forms of tests have been explored and that online proctoring is indeed the only remaining solution to allow an examination to take place. An advice has been drawn up together with the rest of the University Student Council, which includes a negative condition. In the coming weeks Radboud University will remain to help to deal with the corona crisis, inter alia through increased monitoring of potential implementation of proctoring.

Positie pre-masterstudenten
Because pre-master’s students do not officially belong to a bachelor’s or master’s group, this year they threatened to be excluded from the active and passive right to vote in the student elections. After acting quickly and sending an urgent letter to the Executive Board, it was decided to continue this year’s policy of tolerance regarding the right to vote of pre-master’s students. As soon as the concerning regulation is proposed, asap will argue that their right to vote has to be captured. It is a structural problem that the position of pre-master’s students is insufficiently defined in various regulations. In addition, there is often insufficient attention for this group of students in communication at the university. Pre-master’s students are a fully-fledged part of our academic community and are therefore entitled to a full and defined position.

Anoniem tentamineren
The group contributed to a note about anonymous exams. Various studies have shown that lecturers may be unconsciously favored if they know which student has taken an examination. In order to limit the unintended effects of this subjective factor, more anonymous examinations will be required, using only the student number. Of course, this only applies when the learning process is not obstructed. The Executive Board is positive about the proposal and is currently investigating how it can be implemented.

The Executive Board has asked the central participation for formal advice on the unbundling of Radboud University and Radboudumc. After unbundling, both organizations will have their own supervisor and will no longer be subject to the same legal entity (Stichting Katholieke Universiteit). This would be desirable because the administrative responsibility of the SKU is no longer appropriate for the size and challenges of the organizations and because the university shares in the financial risks of Radboudumc.

The asap group has given positive advice on both the unbundling and the associated new governance structure, because it is important that the university has the freedom to make strategic choices towards the future autonomously and because the current supervision is performed by relatively few people. Precisely by moving away from administrative ties, there will be more room for substantive cooperation. In order to strengthen the position of the participation, it was requested that one member of the new supervisory board should enjoy the special confidence of the participation.

De ontvlechting is nog steeds in ontwikkeling. De Bisschoppenconferentie, die bestuursleden van de SKU benoemd, is niet akkoord gegaan met de plannen, omdat zij het recht zou verliezen om alle leden van de raden van toezicht te benoemen. De zaak ligt nu voor aan de Ondernemingskamer en asap heeft er het volste vertrouwen in dat de zaak wordt beslecht in het voordeel van de Radboud Universiteit. In de medezeggenschap heeft de fractie actief bijgedragen aan het voeren van een zuivere discussie, die onze universiteit en het toezicht slagvaardig en toekomstbestendig maakt.

Digitale toetsvoorziening
De ontwikkeling en realisatie van een digitale toetslocatie aan Comeniuslaan 4 en 6 is uitgebreid besproken in de medezeggenschap. Toegankelijkheid voor studenten, de betrouwbaarheid van systemen en het creëren een prettige omgeving om een tentamen in te maken, waren belangrijke aandachtspunten voor asap in dit project. Dit komt onder meer terug in het feit dat er voldoende plekken worden gerealiseerd voor studenten met speciale voorzieningen en er gekozen is voor ergonomisch meubilair.


#1 A proper study workspace for every student