#10 Alara Er


About me
My name is Alara and I am an international student in the Bachelor of International Business Communication. I am from Turkey and I have studied a year in Argentina during high school so for me it is not unusual to be the foreigner during the studies. To become a part of the community I try to be active in student life, so you may know me from Babylon or Phocas. Being involved in various aspects of the student life was not as challenging as some may expect since Dutch students are welcoming and open-minded.
Why asap?
The main reason that I wanted to be involved within asap and in the university politics was that even though Dutch students are aware that the international community is getting bigger every year, there is a need of understanding on how to help them integrate into the community and have a homogeneous society. Because of the fact that asap is aiming to represent every student aspect possible, I was honoured to be able to speak out for us internationals and to help build a consensus with all students who are passionate about having a voice and being able to make changes in the university. I believe that there is always room for improvement. When I met the people from asap and had a full-on conversation, I knew I was at the right place.