Are you not settling for the status quo? Are you decisive, do you have vision and would you be interested in representing your fellow students in the University Student Council (USC)? asap is looking for ambitious and enthusiastic students who are striving to make a difference.

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About asap
asap is the biggest and most incisive student party at Radboud University and is currently represented with four seats in the University Student Council. asap stands for transparency, education of the highest quality and opportunities for each and every student to develop themselves. With a strong focus on a flexible study environment and a critical stand, asap has proven to be a stable and reliable player in the University Student Council.

Top 5 in 2017 (fltr): Jafar Alhashime, Tim Gulpen, Ricardo Stoffels, Marten Porte en Lisa Venhoeven

University Student Council
Students who would like to represent asap in the University Student Council are welcome to apply for a position in the top five of our candidate list. During the university elections, running from the 28th of May until the 31st, you will campaign for both asap and yourself and show students that our party deserves their vote. In the run up to the elections, you will co-write our election programme and will be involved in the preparations for the campaign.

If you get enough votes and manage to take one of the seats in the University Student Council, you will among other things make sure that the important topics in our election programme will be addressed. During and outside of meetings with the Executive Board you and your party colleagues will work hard to achieve as many of the goals that are set in the beginning of the year. In several USC focus groups you will get the chance to discuss the topics you feel most strongly about and that deserve your full attention.

Furthermore, it is expected that you are aware of the latest developments and keep track of the progress that has been made. You always want to be on top of everything. You’ll write opinion articles, go around campus to ask students for their opinion on different issues and organise several events and activities.

“Within asap I got in touch with a great number of enthusiastic students, all following the same objective: creating the best possible study climate. The University Study Council enables you to represent your fellow students on Radboud’s highest level of co-determination and to really make a difference.” – Marten Porte, party leader

Campaign team in 2017

If all of the above feels right for you, you are more than welcome to apply by sending your CV and motivation letter to (top five only). The deadline to do so is Monday 5 March, 12 pm. Are you not interested in a University Student Council seat per se but still want to work towards a better university? In that case a lower-placed position on our candidate list or a role as a committee member may be more suitable for you. You can contact Lotte Kobossen via for additional information. If you have any questions or if you prefer to meet with one of us before applying, please notify Lotte via that same address. She will either answer your questions by email or schedule an exploratory meeting.