asap on tour: Management faculty

Last month, asap on tour took place at the Management Faculty. The idea behind ‘asap on tour’ is to get in touch with students from different faculties and listen to what they have to say about our university. We usually come up with statements for students to vote in favor or against it, to get a better understanding of their ideas. We also had an ‘idea wall’ where students could stick post-its with their suggestions to improve the university or to tell us what they are concerned about. You can find a summary of what we have discussed with the students at the management faculty here. This are the statements that students had a strong positive opinion on:

  1. Students taking an exam must always be able to keep their belongings in sight.
  2. The university must invest in its alumni network so that it remains interesting for graduates.
  3.  A budget must be made available for teachers who prepare exams with open questions.
  4.  Student board members should be compensated to a greater extent for the work they do.
  5.  Lecturers should receive more training on how to use Brightspace.

There was also one statement that students strongly voted against: Partial exams must be abolished, one test moment is sufficient.

As we explained previously, we listen to the complaints and concerns about how things go at the university. This is what students currently encounter:

  • A better balance in study weight per courses in one study block.
  • The ECTs per course can be more in balance, now all courses are 6 EC but some could be 8 and others 4.
  • Professors are well prepared in their subject they teach, but lack some didactic skills.
  • Smaller groups would be better for teaching and the concentration of students.

We love active student participation. There were also suggestions for the university:

  • Laptop chargers available at the university.
  • More study workplaces/group working places.
  • More feedback on papers.
  • Web lectures for all courses.
  • Greener campus.
  • Better understanding for students that have to travel to university.
  • Awareness for bike parking places. There are many but some (underground parking) are not often used.

We will be visiting more faculties soon, stay tuned and check our Facebook page to see when the next asap on tour will be. Keep in mind that you can always drop by our office on Thursdays (Drop By Donderdag) to share your ideas with us. There is always coffee, tea and of course good company!