asap on tour: Medical faculty

asap on tour at the Medical faculty
This week we were at the Medical faculty with ‘asap on tour’. The idea behind asap on tour is to get in touch with students from different faculties and listen to what they have to say about our university. We asked students in the study center to share their ideas for our ‘idea wall’. Most students had input on two topics in particular, namely study workplaces and a better balance in study weight. Students shared ideas for more study places, making the availability of free study spaces visible in real-time and study places with a clear purpose. For example, more group working places but also more closed rooms where you have to work in silence. Study weight was a large topic of interest. Medicine students experience a heavy workload at certain times and want to get rid of these peak moments. A better spread of deadlines and exams could be a solution. Besides the first two points, the students had other thoughts as well:
  • More study workspaces
  • Balance with study load over the year
  • Plug-connections for your laptop, also in classrooms
  • Announcing the schedules earlier
  • More lockers at the campus
Group asap (de fractie) will take these points with them to the University Student Council, to see how they can accomplish them. Both study workplaces and a balanced study workload (student well-being) are a part of asaps program for this year.