This year, 2019-2020, asap consists of 8 different committees. The list below will give you an insight  of each one of them. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us! To reserve a spot in one of these committees and become an active member of asap be sure to send an email to, but if you are not a member yet please become a member by filling out our from online and contact Can’t wait to work with you all !
Vision & election strategy Committee

Within this committee there is plenty of room for discussion about issues and questions related to the university and other relevant topics for students. In the beginning of the year, one group in the committee will focus on the long-term vision for asap. During the second half of the year a group in this committee will draft the election program for the University Student Council elections. Besides that, the committee also organizes thematic brainstorms for members on a frequent basis.

List Committee

This committee is tasked with finding fifteen candidates for the asap election list for the University Student Council.

Campaign Committee

The Campaign Committee is responsible for the preparation of the University Student Council elections in May/June 2020. Members of this committee think of ways to convince the students of Nijmegen to vote asap! The committee makes a planning for the campaign, manages the budget and brainstorms about the main message for the upcoming elections. Be aware: this committee starts in the second semester.

Team Handy

Team ‘Handy’ is in service of the Campaign Committee and is responsible for the purchase and preparation of all the offline Campaign-material. Members use their hands by making banners, poster signs, and all sorts of things. The members of this committee make sure that the offline Campaign-material looks professional and they are in charge of managing the “knutsel/building days”.

Activities Committee 

This committee organizes both formal (debates, seminars, excursions) and informal activities (drinks, events). Last year, members of this committee were responsible for the lecture from DUO, a karaoke-session (together with another association), an interview with Han van Krieken, bowling and pooling. The Activities Committee is a committee that is responsible for the organization of formal activities, while at the same time the members of this committee ensure that informal activities take place on a regular base. 

Public Relations Committee

Members of this committee are will ensure that asap remains (online) visible throughout the year. Members will help creating infographics and audio-visual material for social media, but also blogwriting about our activities and keeping the website up to date. This committee will also look for PR-stunts and is responsible for organizing the asap on tours.

Internationalization Committee (NEW!)

This committee will stimulate the internationalization within asap. We will create an environment where internationals feel welcome. Therefore, most tasks are making asap accessible for internationals by translating the website, helping them with the English, Dutch (or another?) language en thinking about the internationalization process at the Radboud university.

Acquisition Committee

As an independent party asap needs funding. The acquisition committee will look for new collaborations in order to fund asap