Group asap

From left to right: Auke van Wersch, Hans Kunstman, Thom Teulings, Annemarijn Blom

asap won four seats in the university elections in June 2019. This council year (2019/2020), Thom Teulings, Annemarijn Blom, Hans Kunstman and Auke van Wersch will represent asap in the University Student Council (USR) of Radboud University.

Thom Teulings (group chairman)

Portfolio: Active student, Internationalisation, Labour market orientation, Faculty of Law
Taskforces USR: Active student, Well-being & Inclusion

My name is Thom Teulings, I am 23 years young and I have been a student in Public Administration ever since obtaining my bachelor’s degree in International Business Communication. My vision on the education at Radboud University is that innovation and knowledge sharing should always be pursued and that the design and implementation of teaching methods should be in line with students’ demands. For example, there is a growing need among students to go beyond the beaten track of their own study programme and to broaden their horizons. Moreover, today’s major societal problems demand a different approach, whereby the solution is becoming less and less disciplinary and being able to look across borders becomes a requirement. Not only does this show the importance of sufficiently accessible education across faculties, it also underlines the need to invest in interdisciplinary education.

For almost a decade already, asap has been committed to a good and flexible study climate, in which students are given ample space to develop themselves within and besides their studies. It is essential that students are in charge of their own study planning (long live weblectures!) and that initiatives of active and enterprising student are welcomed and embraced rather than seen as a burden. Unfortunately, I know from my own experience that this is usually not the case. According to asap, a culture change is required. One in which personal development is prioritised, excellence is not the standard and there is no room for unnecessary schoolish measures. I will do my utmost best to contribute to that.

Annemarijn Blom

Portfolio: Active student, Education, Facilities, Orientation, Faculty of Science
Taskforces USR: Active student, Education & ICT

My name is Annemarijn, I’m 19 years old and I study mathematics. The past year I’ve been on the board of the mathematics study association Desda; I fulfilled the position of chair. I don’t like to do nothing, so I’m always busy with a lot of different things. During my board year, I learned a lot about what’s happening behind the scenes of the university and I wanted to get more involved, so I joined asap. In the coming year I am happy to work for a pick-up point on campus, because as an active student I notice that I spend most of my time on campus. It is not only practical for the students, but also more sustainable! What I also want to get involved with are study workplaces, because every student must be able to study in a pleasant way. I think it is important that students can give their opinion about the university and that something really happens with it. asap is a great platform for involving students in improving the university, and I would love to contribute!

Hans Kunstman (chariman USR)

Portfolio: Co-determination, Finances
Taskforces USR: Active student

My name is Hans Kunstman, I am 22 years old and I study Political Science. I have been active in university politics for four years because I believe that students can really improve university. This year I’ve done that by committing myself to increase the amount of study workspaces in the Elinor Ostrom building as a member of the Faculty Student Council. Because of our effort to do so, the faculty will realize new workplaces and group spaces in the near future. Next year I want to do the same for the rest of the university. My vision university politics is clear: a clear message combined with a pragmatic mentality is most effective.

Students should enjoy the flexibility to gain experience outside of their curriculum. There are many ways to do so and I think that the university has to offer students freedom of choice. This year I will do my very best to improve flexibility for all of you that want to look further than the borders of your study. Our generation experiences a lot of pressure to meet different sorts of expectations, this can sometimes cause problems. asap has contributed to make these problems negotiable and to look for solutions. I look forward to continue the good work.

Auke van Wersch

Portfolio: Digitalisation, Facilities, Sustainability, Well-being, School of Management
Taskforces USR: Campus & Sustainability, Education & ICT, Well-being & Inclusion

My name is Auke van Wersch, 21 years old and I am a fourth-year student in Public Administration. Due to my involvement with the Young Democrats I have learned that it is important to have an open and transparent attitude as a person. I personally think that studying should be much more than just attending lectures, learning for exams and achieving good grades. The student must have sufficient opportunities during his study time to be able to develop as a person. It is therefore important that the distance between the various faculties that Radboud University has does not increase, but rather decreases. In my side job at Brightspace Support I noticed that there is a lot of unused IT potential for both students and teachers. It is really important that there is sufficient IT support for teachers and the possibility to share knowledge and experience. This year, I want to work with asap to reduce the distance between the different faculties and improve the use of digital facilities!