Group update December

Every month we will share an update from the group on the website. In this update, the group explains what is going on within the USR, which issues have come up in the Joint Assembly and what asap’s opinion is.

Last Monday (December 7) we already had the third Joint Assembly together with the Executive Board and the Works Council . During the Joint Assembly, the USR and Works Council first met the new members of the Supervisory Board.The main point we discussed was the budget. We will therefore briefly discuss this in this update. We will also discuss two questions that have been asked and the plan: Student Well-being 2023.

Joint Assembly
Last Monday (7th of December), the University Student Council (USR) had another Joint Assembly with the Executive Board. The budget was the central topic of this meeting. Before the meeting, both the USR and the Works Council had several questions about the budget. The Executive Board had not supplied all relevant information, which made it difficult for the USR and the Works Council to form a good opinion on the plans and the expenditures. Group member Jesse Dekker was spokesperson on the budget on behalf of the entire USR and asked critical questions about (among other things) the planned intake of students in the following years. In addition, Rick Spierings also asked questions during the Joint Assembly. Ultimately, at the urging of Jesse and Rick in particular, the Executive Board promised that more information will be provided with the budget next year. In this way, the USR and Works Council can carry out its work well and provide sound advice. This is a major victory for the USR and can help us do our work (even) better. In addition, the Executive Board has promised to provide an overview of the expenditure items of the Quality Agreements funds from the next budget. This makes it clear to the USR what quality funds are spent on at faculty level and we can take a critical look at this. All in all, a good Joint Assembly with good promises from the Executive Board. 

Homophobic policy student organizations 
Following an article in the HP / De Tijd newspaper about discriminatory policy within a student organization, the group asked the Executive Board about this. asap is of the opinion that such a policy does not fit within the vision of inclusion, diversity and the fight against discrimination. That is why the group has asked the Executive Board how they feel about this, and asked if they could explain whether such associations could receive funding and how they could possibly compete against associations with a discriminatory policy. The Executive Board shared the opinion that such a policy is not appropriate for Radboud University. For such financing there are therefore also conditions that must be met. If an association does not adhere to this, then there will be first a discussion before further consequences follow.

Uncertainty about recording lectures 
The Works Council asked about the university policy on whether or not to record lectures. It is currently unclear what is possible and what is allowed. Can a teacher just record a lecture, even if the teacher asks for permission? The answer is no, because a good alternative is missing, so you cannot not participate. The Executive Board recognizes the problems and will work on this in the near future. Group asap will focus on this and is of the opinion that there should be clarity quickly and that lectures (perhaps in an adapted form) should be recorded, certainly in the present time.

Student Welfare 2023
The Radboud University is facing an enormously challenging project: Student Welfare 2023. This project focuses on a development with regard to the supervision of students. The project sets up a new and clearer care structure for students and starts new initiatives, such as making workshops that affect the well-being of students more accessible. Although the project was somewhat delayed due to corona, the group can report that it kicked off in November. A project manager has been appointed and a committee has been set up to coordinate the project. Rick will be a member of this committee on behalf of the USR. It will be a long process that will embark on together with the Executive Board to ensure that every student receives the right support quickly.

Jasper, Rick, Joris en Jesse
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