Group update February

Every month we will share an update from the group on the website. In this update, the group explains what is going on within the USR, which issues have come up in the Joint Assembly and what asap’s opinion is.

Here again the February update of group asap! Now that the exams have been completed, the group can again fully focus on the USR. Jasper and Rick recently made a vlog in which they highlight the main points of the Joint Assembly on January 25th. This included the modified BSA, governance model and the increased workload of teachers. Curious? Then check Facebook or Instagram. In this update we take a closer look at the green car-free campus, student housing on campus, Student Well-being 2023 and the Security Awareness campaign.

Green car-free campus

The plan for the low-traffic campus was discussed in the Joint Assembly last Monday. The Heyendaal Campus is a place with a lot of traffic. Radboud University wants to work with partners, such as the local government, HAN and the hospital, to see how traffic can be reduced. A first step has been taken to achieve this, by developing a campus plan. This plan has been submitted to the Joint Assembly for notification and we have discussed it with the Executive Board. 

Questions have been asked by group asap, among others, about the feasibility of the plan. It is known that traffic points around the campus can become busier as a result of this plan. We have urged the Executive Board to consult in time with the surrounding neighborhoods and districts, so that the plans can be implemented smoothly and without much resistance.

Student accommodation 

Group member Jesse is also working with Maaike (NSSR) to build up a file on student housing. With all the renovations and refurbishments of the campus in sight, it is important that student accommodation is also given a place in this. The university’s vision is a lively campus: from living to learning to sports and eating together. Naturally, this includes housing. Jesse and Maaike are in talks with various parties, including SSH& and Campus and Facilities, about what is already being done about student accommodation. Once this has been properly mapped out, it is possible to see where more is possible and where student accommodation can be found on and around the campus.

Student well-being 

Rick informed you earlier about the Student Wellbeing 2023 project. This project provides better support for students at this university. Recently, the Student Welfare 2023 coordination group was launched. The group coordinates the smooth running of the project, together with the project leaders. During the first meetings, an assessment was made of how all the faculties are doing now. It is of great importance that the intensity of student counseling at all faculties is proportional within the foreseeable future. Rick also had extra consultation with a number of members of the coordination group about effective communication to students. How does every student find the right help? An important conclusion was that a central webpage is needed where every Radboud University student could go with a question. Instead of searching endlessly for the study advisor on the various faculty web pages, it should be possible to quickly find the right help. Because if you are already not feeling well or are worried about your studies, a long search is the last thing you need. The ideas that have been presented are implemented as well. 

Security Awareness campaign

One of last year’s election points was safe digitalization. Privacy must remain a priority and it must be properly communicated which personal data of students is processed. These points have also been included as focus points within the USR. Jasper, Joris and Wietske (CSN) are working on this point within the working group. They are looking at how the USR can contribute to a possible RU-wide Security Awareness campaign. We try to look at better security through, for example, a password policy or a multi-authentication password, but also at privacy. Is all the data that is currently being stored actually needed? In addition, it is also necessary for students and staff to be more aware of the possible dangers of using the internet.

If you have any questions and/or comments after reading the update, send an email to or approach one of the group members personally.

Jasper, Rick, Jesse and Joris
Group asap 2020-2021