Group update January

Every month we will share an update from the group on the website. In this update, the group explains what is going on within the USR, which issues have come up in the Joint Assembly and what asap’s opinion is.

First of all, best wishes for 2021! In recent weeks we have had fewer meetings due to the Christmas holidays. That is why we will update you on a number of projects we are working on within the USR. In addition, the past period was dominated by the dispute concerning proctoring and the nomination for a new member of the Supervisory Board. Besides we will give you a short update concerning the exte Joint Assembly (JA) on the budget. We wish you lots of reading pleasure and a lot of success for all students taking exams!

Proctoring dispute
The hearing of the Disputes Committee regarding Proctoring took place in November. The JA (USR and Works Council) and the Executive Board disagreed about the participation right in relation to this case. On behalf of the JA, Rick was the spokesperson and argued this case during the hearing. The Disputes Committee has settled this dispute in favor of the JA. From now on, the JA has the right of consent with regard to the policy on the use of such privacy-sensitive instruments such as Proctorio. The faculty participation has also obtained the right of consent through the future inclusion of Proctorio in the OER.

Quality Agreements
With the introduction of the student loan system, money has become available to invest in education. In consultation with students, it is determined where and how the money should be used to improve the quality of education. The Radboud University decided to place this task in part at faculty level because the Faculty Students Council know better how the money can best be spent. In practice it proves difficult to formulate goals properly and clearly. Because how do you measure quality improvement? Group asap has had a number of information sessions from the university and the ISO (Dutch National Student Association), which has given us a lot of knowledge. At the beginning of the year, we asked the Faculty Students Councils to take an extra critica look at whether all goals, for example, were SMART. In the coming period, we will evaluate the Quality Agreements and write an advice on this for the annual report. NVAO, the organization that checks whether the money is being spent properly, will also read this and include it in its decision as to whether the RU has spent the money properly.

We will also work on making the Quality Agreements more transparent so that every student can see where the money is going within the faculty and/or the study program. At the moment this is still lacking. We hope that students will gain a better understanding of what happens with ‘their’ money.

Education survey
A lot has changed in this corona era, including education. We have drawn up a survey with questions about how education is currently valued, what areas need improvement, but also what should be included in a post-corona perion. For example, the flexibility is highly appreciated by students. However, students are concerned about the quality of the education. Now that we have received a response from each Faculty Student Council, we will write a memo in which we make recommendations. The goal is to share best practices and make the bottlenecks visible.

Last December, the USR and the Works Council discussed the budget with the Executive Board. The JA was of the opinion that the finances were insufficiently substantiated with policy choices and documents. This has led to negative advice on the budget. The Executive Board was quite shocked about this. Monday January 4, an extra meeting has been scheduled. For this meeting, the Executive Board has drawn a letter with commitments regarding the objections to the budget. Both the USR and the Works Council have decided to convert the advice into a positive advice with so-called ‘ifs’. We hope that the Executive Board is willing to work on a better cycle and information provision, possibly together with the JA. Converting the advice further ensures that we can look to the future, instead of getting stuck in the previous cycle of the budget. Both asap and AKKUraadt voted a ‘yes’ and a large majority of the Works Council has voted ‘yes’. Group asap has every confidence that the Executive Board will take the points with it, will take them seriously and that the message of a ‘no’ has been clearly conveyed.

New member of the Supervisory Board
This year, the JA made use of the new right to nominate a member of the Supervisory Board for the first time. This new member thus enjoys the special confidence of the participation bodies. Rick chaired the Appointments Advisory COmmittee that was mandated with the nomination for this future supervisor, Rick looks back on interesting encounters with various candidates. The Appointments Advisory Committee made a nomination to the satisfaction of the former Foundation Board.

If you have any questions and/or comments after reading the update, send an email to or approach one of the group members personally.

Jasper, Rick, Jesse and Joris
Group asap 2020-2021