Group update June

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The group has started the last cycle of the academic year, and what a lot is on the agenda! The annual report, the outlines of our budget, the multi-year investment plan, the funding of the premasters and some more topics are all on the agenda for the UGV in the coming weeks. For the USR, these are also busy weeks. We have submitted the student statute, the certificates for student board members and the regulations for stop sports and student counseling for approval. Would you like to have a say in these topics? There is always room in our shadow group or approach us!

Lately Rick has been working hard to give our rules and regulations a big polish. A special working group had been set up to make sure this process went smoothly. Together with a number of other members, they have revamped a number of terms and a set of Rules and Regulations has been introduced that better explains the way our central co-determination works. This explains, for example, exactly what the presidium-GV and what committee meetings do. A big elephant in the room is of course the position of the Appointed Members in the USR; the Political Commissioners, PoCo’s for short. AKKUraadt has long taken the position that these PoCo’s should leave the USR and that the council should consist only of elected members. This year the members of the USR have discussed the position of the PoCos extensively, putting all arguments and situations on the table. The group looks back on a constructive discussion. We were all of the opinion that we can continue with the current composition, with some minor changes.

Just because the rules are changed this year does not mean that nothing needs to happen next year.  We will have to discuss with each other for some time yet what will change for the employee participation in view of the identity issue and to what extent we want to deviate from the Higher Education and Science Act. In any case, the regulations will be submitted for approval this cycle.

Campus plan

The next cycle will be dominated by the campus plan. Although not on the agenda for the Joint Meeting, the next few weeks will be spent discussing and thinking about the campus plan for the coming term. The campus plan is an annual practical elaboration of the campus strategy. In the coming period, choices need to be made about what needs to be realized in the coming year and what the short-term ambitions of the CvB are.

On Monday, June 7, a bicycle tour of the campus provided ideas for the campus plan. In addition, a meeting was organized on June 14 with the Executive Board to exchange and gain ideas about the campus plan. The group of asap was able to express its ideas about the campus plan. Hopefully the CvB will take on board the ideas of the entire USR, including asap. Of course, input is always possible and certainly wanted. If you have ideas about what should happen on campus in the coming year, please let the group members know! The group will communicate these ideas to the CvB, so that they can be included in the campus plan.