Group update April

Every month we will share an update from the group on the website. In this update, the group explains what is going on within the USC, which issues have come up in the Joint Assembly and what asap’s opinion is.

The March cycle is now over, which means that group asap gives you an update about their activities. In this update, we focus on proctoring, housing and the National Education Program.


We start with a topic that was on the agenda very often this year: Proctorio. This year, this surveillance tool has often been discussed and this has led to heated discussion between the Executive Board, the Works Council and the USC. Ultimately, the Executive Board asked the USC and the Works Council to agree to this surveillance tool. Unfortunately, the Joint Assembly (USC and Works Council) has not approved proctoring for the next academic year by majority. Group asap was prepared to give a provisional ‘no’ to proctoring and to see whether a certain condition could still be agreed. Unfortunately, there was no majority for this. However, a small majority of the USC (5 out of 8 members) was in for a provisional ‘no’. In a seperate update, we as a group informed you about this fire. We now have to wait for a response from the Executive Board. They can choose to withdraw the proposed decision or file a dispute. If necessary, they can resubmit proctoring to vote in the next meeting. Group asap remains willing to continue discussions with the Executive Board to look for opportunities for the coming academic year. 


In recent months, Jesse has been working on behalf of the asap, in collaboration with Maaike from NSSR, to prepare a file on student housing. This is of course an important point for asap. Jesse has had discussions with the head of Campus & Development and a policy officer of SSH&. In addition, Jesse participated in a discussion about student housing with various parties, such as the municipality, SSH& and the Executive Board. Various locations have been designated around the campus for possible new accommodation. In total, at least 1,000 new homes will be built in Nijmegen over the next 10 years. Student Party asap hopes that a new location on campus can also be designated in the coming months. The Executive Board and SSH& are in discussion about this. In the near future, Jesse will see whether a meeting is possible with the Executive Board to also discuss student accommodation on and around the campus with that party. Jesse will make an inventory of the possibilities on campus for student accommodation and suggest ideas. The USC and asap will continue to focus on new student housing that is desperately needed at the moment.

In addition, Jesse is currently writing an opinion article about the Erasmus building, Spinoza building and the Collegezalencomplex. Student housing will also play a prominent role here, namely in the Spinoza building. In this way, asap continues to commit to student accommodation and the party continues to contribute ideas for the design for a lively campus to the university. This will be of great importance in the coming years, as large buildings are on the demolition or renovation list, which means that the campus will be largely redesigned. These buildings can serve for student housing according to group asap.

National Education Program The cabinet has announced that it will invest an additional 8.5 billion in education, through the National Education Program. This is aimed at primary and secondary education as well as secondary and higher (vocational) education. A.o. tuition fees will be halved next year, students will receive extra public transport after a delay. Money will also be made available for more physical education, supervision of students and staff and more staff. It will therefore be important for future student participation to pay close attention to where this money goes. The current USC and asap have already made a start on this. The USC presidium has a lot of informal consultation with the rector Han van Krieken, who has conveyed a warm invitation that all students can think along where the money should go NOW. The members of the USC and asap are currently discussing this question and are trying to discuss this with the rector in the very near future. Do you have ideas where this money should go? Don’t hesitate and get in touch with group asap!

Jasper van Ulsen, Rick Spierings, Joris Schröder en Jesse Dekker Fractie asap 2020/2021