Group update: november

Every month we will share an update from the group on the website. In this update, the group explains what projects and conversations we are working on within the USC.

The first exams are finished and we are well into the second cycle. With this update we keep you informed about what we have been working on in the last month. Stay tuned for the December update for news related to the December cycle. In this update we would like to update, discuss, and clarify the following points with you: SPOCs, Projects about internatiolisation, the Radboud Impact Day, Presentations open day, Student well-being night LOF, and Core and broad meetings.

Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs)

We are currently in contact with the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) and policy workers to talk about the possibility of setting  up a new innovative form of interdisciplinary education: Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs). SPOCs are courses that are specially made for students of the university that organises them. This characteristic makes SPOCs different from the more commonly heard of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which was an election point of 2020-2021 but cannot feasibly be envisioned at the Radboud University in the foreseeable future. We have contacted enthusiastic policy workers and are now in touch with the TLC to investigate where there are teachers that are interested in setting up a SPOC. Following that information we will decide on whether we will write a notition to the executive board or apply for an innovative education grant at the TLC.

Projects about internationalisation

As the second international USC and the first international fraction we currently have a few projects going on to help internationalization along. While most policy workers seem excited about internationalisation, the process seems to be vague and complicated in places. Finding one person responsible for the streamlining of this process has turned out to be more difficult than expected. In turn there also seems to be slightly contradicting policy about internationalisation at times. Due to this, progress is being made slowly and we had to accept some setbacks. We are, however, still committed to making progress in this area and so will continue in this effort. At the same time keep collecting experiences and cases from internationals around university to further understand where the problems lay.

Radboud Impact Day

On the 18th of October Radboud organised the Impact Day as an initiative to make people reconsider their consumer behaviour, especially in the light of Black Friday coming up. We as fraction were actively involved in the promotion and have provided a video and text material for that day. Additionally on that day, Radboud released the news that they want to include a sustainability course in each study. We look back very positively at this day and appreciate the efforts Radboud invests into making sustainability a prominent topic.

Presentations open day

As active students, Seray and Nathalie gave information at the Bachelor open day to high school students about what you can do next to your studies in the student city Nijmegen. We explained the different possibilities in active student life, but also how associations are built. In addition to the various associations, the co-determination of students was also extensively discussed. There were several rounds, namely for prospective students but also for parents. Prior to the presentation we noticed that there were still some prejudices and we hope to have dispelled them. On the Master open day, Nathalie will also give presentations to prospective Master students about the active student life.

Student well-being night LOF

On November 10, 2021, the LOF hosted a theme night related to student welfare. The LOF is the national consultation groups to strengthen university participation. The topic of student welfare was highlighted from various angles. The organisations that came along included the Expertise Centre Inclusive Education and the Student Welfare Fund. They are part of the insurance company Students Well Insured. The insurance company raises money for the Student Wellbeing Fund. This fund finances projects that contribute to student welfare. We were also given tips on how to start discussions with the Executive Board regarding student welfare.                                                                                                                

Student welfare is a very important topic for asap. The group members within the USR are working hard on themes within the working group welfare & inclusion. Rizka is working on the visibility of the confidants. The first feedback on the webpage of the counsellors has been given. The marketing team of Radboud University will now look at the points for improvement. In addition, Marie and Rizka are working on the project against Sexual Violence in cooperation with Amnesty International. 

Core meeting and broad meeting 

Since this year, Aline Boels has been a student official for the municipality of Nijmegen. She provides more connection between the municipality of Nijmegen and the students within the Nijmegen region. Last academic year, the president of the USC initiated the creation of a core and broad meeting.                                                                                                                        

At the beginning of the year the first discussions took place about the interpretation of the core meeting and broad meeting in which Rizka represented the USC. Currently the core meeting consists of a meeting with the municipality of Nijmegen, the ROC, the HAN and the Radboud University. A delegation of students and policy staff brainstorm on various issues that are important in Nijmegen. In the first core meetings it was determined what the broad meetings will be about this year and when they will take place. In addition, thought was also given to the meetings in which a larger population of students is brought into contact with the municipality of Nijmegen. These meetings are called the Student & City meetings.                                          

The first broad meeting took place digitally on the 15th of November. Several parties including the SSH& and Tenant Interest Foundation were present during this evening. The theme of the first broad meeting was student housing. First of all Aline explained her function as a student official. This was followed by a short introduction round during which all parties present expressed their ambitions for the coming year and their expectations of the broad meeting. The student official narrated her plan of action. After the break, smaller brainstorming sessions began on what innovative solutions we saw for short-term shortages. In addition, another important topic was how we could start working together to prevent discrimination against international students in the housing market. The last point of attention was how we could send the bond between students and the neighbourhood, so that it is pleasant to live together. During the brainstorm interesting points came up, which the different parties can work with. Similarly, the USR can use several points for the discussions with the university about student housing. The next broad meeting will be held in February.