IX Board of asap Nijmegen

As you might have heard, our new board is fully in charge now. We wish them the best of luck for the upcoming year. Let’s have a closer look,

Annelies Ekelmans – President

Hi everyone! My name is Annelies Ekelmans and I am the president of the IX Board of asap. Social and medical sciences are my thing, since I have received my bachelor’s degree of psychology and I am now studying medicine. If you ask me about my hobbies, I might get uncomfortable, because all I can get is ‘social activities’. Fortunately, I can also add sports to the list, I am a fan of running.
I am looking very much forward to this year and I have much faith in the IX Board, the members of the university student council and of course all asap members!

Jordy Broekmeulen – Vice President

Hello! I am Jordy, student public administration and I’m finishing my master thesis currently. This year I will be the vice president of asap. Before becoming a member here, I’ve been the treasurer of the Jonge Democraten. The experience I got there will benefit me in my new position here, but I’m sure there is still enough to learn. When I’m off work or studying, I like to run, bike or swim around at the sport center. So if someone still has some energy after a brainstorm session or GMM, let me know and join!

Merel Peereboom – Secretary

Hello! I am Merel, 23 and a second year public administration student. I like to deepen my knowledge about politics and I have been active as a board member of Young Democrats Nijmegen. After the Young Democrats, I was ready for another board experience in a completely different board position. I am really looking forward to committing myself as a secretary for studentparty asap.
In my spare time I like to go out with friends to have a drink. Furthermore I like to bring out my passion for cooking at my job at Julia’s Pasta.

Jasper Markesteijn – Treasurer

I’m Jasper Markesteijn, 21 years old and next year I will hold the position of treasurer. After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in law at Utrecht University I’ve now moved to Nijmegen for my dual Master’s program Corporation & Law. During my minor Classical Culture at Radboud University I’ve been able to indirectly get to know the association. Almost immediately after my switch asap received me with open arms and it really felt like a warm bath. Besides my studies I love classical history and singing under the shower, often a little too loudly according to some. I’m very excited for the coming year and I’m convinced that our students council members, the members of the association and we as a board are going to make it an absolutely amazing year!

Alara Er – PR Manager

Hello everyone, I am Alara and I am “the international board member” this year. I actually really like the title haha because this shows that asap is keeping its’ promises to internationalize and lt keeps progressing in integration. I am originally from Turkey but my heart falls for every culture I meet. This year I am taking on the Public Relations tasks and more than happy to reach out to all of you through your phone/laptop screens. I am really excited for this year and quite sure it will be amazing!