Meet our candidates

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(#1) Marie-Sophie Simon

I am Marie Simon and I am 22 years old. I am an international student from Germany and currently in my third year of Computing Science. As I was in the first year of our studies being international, I have very actively shaped the internationalisation of our study association. Together with fellow students we have created the international committee to help students integrate and this year I was the chair of our association and thus the first international board member. As such I have learned a lot about our university and its students and I enjoyed being involved in an effort of improving this environment for everyone which is why I would like to do a year in the USC now. Since the pandemic began I have seen my association and our university change and what impact that has had on the students. In the coming year, I believe, we have the chance to grow a lot and learn from this experience so that we can become stronger from it. Outside of university I like to do sports (I go running since the gyms closed and pole dancing), travel as often as I can and meet with my friends for a talk and maybe a drink.

Being in the first international year of my studies, I became an active student very early on, to create the space and environment that I would like to see for future internationals coming here. By becoming active in this way, I have not only learned and grown a lot as a person, but I also noticed that often there is a lack of internationals being active which means their voices are sometimes overheard. I believe, that to create the ideal educational environment everybody should be heard and have the chance of making themselves heard. Because of that I became part of asap and would like to be a part of the USC next year. Like asap, I support the idea that the university is not only a place to get a degree but a place for personal development. Whether that is by becoming an active student or by doing minors from different faculties should not make a difference there and every student should be free to choose from as many options as possible.

Another reason I chose asap is the fact that not only do they give each student a voice in trying to create the environment every student can thrive in, but they also have a realistic view on matters. In the current times a lot of things are changing and a lot of decisions need to be made. The pragmatic view and decisiveness of asap will help us a lot in this because change has to be fast so that there is progress and achievement. By joining the USC in the upcoming academic year I would like to be part of this progress in recovering and growing from this crisis.

(#2) Seray van Montfort

I am Seray van Montfort, 21 years old and I am in my second year of the bachelor psychology. I have been active in my study association SPiN since my first year. This year, I am also taking part in the board and I am fulfilling the function of secretary. During my year on the board, I increasingly came into contact with the organisational side of the university and experienced the importance of good student representation and participation from close by. This was also a major motivation for me to join the USR next year. Being a student is the best time to develop yourself. In the USR, I want to emphasise the importance of personal development and the support thereof, because good guidance is essential in achieving personal development. Besides my studies and board duties, I like to make time to meet up with friends, play the piano and guitar and cook.

I chose asap because asap is committed to realistic and achievable goals. asap achieves these goals by working constructively with other parties and together arriving at an outcome that best serves the students. This constructive and open attitude fits me as a person. I like to start conversations and I think it is important to find solutions together. What appeals to me even more is that asap is a critical party that evaluates the past and uses the knowledge gained to look for points of improvement for the future. For example, asap wants to learn from the changes in education made necessary by the coronavirus. Last year, for example, lectures were mainly recorded. asap wants lectures to be recorded as standard, in addition to physical lectures. The possibility of reviewing the lectures was seen as positive by many students and makes education more accessible and flexible. In addition, asap attaches great importance to personal development. I find that very important. As a precursor to personal development, thorough student guidance is an important predictor of self-development and study success. Especially in these times, the importance of good student support cannot be underestimated. asap is committed to clarifying and improving the care structure of the university. In this respect, asap has already taken some major steps in cooperation with the university. With many votes, asap can also make a difference in the USR next year and work towards better student welfare.

(#3) Nathalie van der Zande

I am Nathalie van der Zande, 22 years old and I study International Business Communication. Besides my studies I like to develop myself in other areas. I am a student mentor, I have been on several committees at Study Association Babylon and I am a member of Damesdispuut Myosotis. Furthermore, I can often be found at various ticket offices of the Radboud Sports Centre, in the Molenstraat or watching a random reality series.

This year I am at number 3 on the list of asap, because I would like to stand up for the interests of students on behalf of this party in the University Student Council. asap sets realistic goals, through which a noticeable difference can be made at the Radboud University. In particular, I would like to work towards more flexible education, so that every student has the space to develop both personally and socially. For example, internship opportunities should be sufficiently facilitated and supervised to allow students to gain practical experience. I also think it is important that every study has sufficient possibilities to choose different minors, both disciplinary and interdisciplinary. But above all, the active student must be heard and supported. This can be a conscious choice, for example to take up a management year, but it can also relate to students who need more flexibility, for example because they are carers. By giving students more control over their own study schedule, they are given sufficient space for self-development. By realising this as much as possible, every student can really get the most out of his or her time as a student, both inside and outside the study!

(#4) Rizka Simons

My name is Rizka and I study Law & Management. This year I am number 4 on the list of asap. Besides my studies I am the secretary of the JFV Nijmegen and I am a member of the member council of the Rabobank Rijk van Nijmegen. I also have various jobs at the university that I enjoy doing. Furthermore, my greatest hobby is cooking.

asap strives to stimulate entrepreneurship. As a management student, I think it is important that more facilities are given to make entrepreneurship easier for all students. In addition, asap believes that the university’s alumni network should be expanded and used more frequently. Also, various important actors from the region can be approached to bring students into contact with the practice. Personal development is therefore a high priority for asap. A lively and sustainable campus obviously contributes to this. A campus where everyone feels safe and at home is what asap strives for. For all these reasons, I chose asap.

Every vote counts! Do you agree with these ideas? Then vote for asap between 31 May and 3 June at! Hopefully I can also represent your interests in the University Student Council next year.

(#5) Stijn van der Velden

My name is Stijn van der Velden, I am 22 years old and I am currently in my 4th year of studying medicine. During my bachelor I have been active in several committees, including the party committee and the weekend committee. In addition, this year I am the assessor of the medical faculty. This means that I represent the medical students in all meetings concerning education. Through this I have seen what contribution you can make as a student in the organisation of our faculty and university and how important it can be that you let yourself be heard.

The study of medicine has a separate learning line on professionalism. The aim of this learning line is to guide the professional development of you as a student during your studies. Many students who have followed this course for a number of years say that they have benefited greatly from it. Personal development and student guidance are therefore for me important points within the vision of asap. In addition, last year, asap has shown that they want to work on solutions to problems that plague our university, but they do not want to lose their idealism and keep looking at what is real. I myself have greatly enjoyed the extracurricular activities that I have been able to undertake during my studies. Unfortunately, everything that has happened in the past year has meant that this fun has been reduced for our current students. Therefore, I think it is important that (when everyone has had his or her shot) it becomes possible again to do other fun things next to your study, like a committee. asap is committed to this and has it high on the list of priorities.

(#6) Imke Verhoeven

I am Imke and I am #6 on the election list for asap. I am 20 years old and a second year student of Pedagogical Sciences and Educational Sciences. I am currently doing a board year at study association Postelein. Besides that I try to do sports every now and then and I am always in for an evening with rosé and Rummikub.

I am on the list for asap because I want to dedicate myself to future-proof education. I think it is important that the application of knowledge is tested, instead of the reproduction of knowledge. In addition, personal development should become a higher priority. Students should have the freedom to develop themselves alongside their studies, for example by doing voluntary work or spending a year on the board, without this leading to too many obstacles in our studies.

(#7) Josefa Janssen

My name is Josefa Janssen, I am 20 years old and a third-year student of Public Administration. I like a lot of things and am therefore always busy with different things. For example, I have been active in study association BOW since my student days, where I am now the secretary. This year I am also involved in various first and second year courses as a student assistant. I like to spend my free time with my family and friends, in the city or at home.

In my first year I did not only get in touch with study association BOW, but also with student party Asap. A few senior students in Public Administration were members of this party and told me about it from time to time. The critical but realistic attitude of asap that emerged in these stories immediately appealed to me. It is important to identify problem areas, but at least as important to determine what you can do within the applicable framework – otherwise you won’t get very far. Furthermore, I could not and do not agree more with asap’s vision of a university study programme: it should consist of more than just education.

Especially now that our campus is a stranger to so many new students, we must strive for an inclusive, safe and open climate, so that everyone enjoys coming (back) to our university. As a student leader, I can only say that study and student associations have a great role to play here – but they should not stand alone. That is why I, like Asap, welcome the introduction of confidential counsellors. We must continue to invest in this, but also assist; for example, by appointing a Social Safety Ombudsman. By joining forces in this way, we can permanently improve social safety at our university.

(#8) Job van Hussen

Hi, I am Job van Hussen (20 years old), a second year physics and astronomy student. These past two years, I have of course not only been busy studying and calculating far too difficult sums. Besides my studies, I have also been involved with Study Association Marie Curie on several committees and now as secretary and vice-chairman of the board. Furthermore, I am active as commissioner communication of the education committee of Physics and Astronomy.

In addition, I have a job at the Damianz restaurant in Roermond, where I am a host. In my spare time I like to have a drink on a terrace or in a club and I like to do various sports, like running and badminton, to compensate a bit for the nightlife.

The board year and my time in the education committee have stirred something in me and I would like to continue to dedicate myself to the university and its students. So now it has become very difficult for me to sit still, which is why I have started taking on new challenges, such as committees at DWARS and now a place on the candidate list of asap.

This choice for asap was not difficult for me. The focus on the ‘active student’, such as myself, attracted me above all. I am therefore particularly committed to ensuring that students are supported in making an extra effort for their studies or their aspirations outside of studies, for example during a year on the board. The self-development of the student is therefore central to me.

In addition, the corona crisis has taught us a few things in the past year, both in the field of (digital and flexible) education and student welfare. The correct application of these experiences is also stressed by asap , in order to move forward together stronger. The ideas of asap are therefore the image of my ideals, and that is why I choose asap.

(#9) Gwendolyn Hermans

I am Gwendolyn, 21 years old and I am in my third year of psychology. The past few years I’ve been a board member of SPiN as a secretary and a board member of an umbrella association as a treasurer. Next year, I can enthusiastically add a third year as a commissioner of formal affairs at N.K.S.W. Kompanio and hopefully a fsr year at social sciences. I also play football at F.C. Kunde and can regularly be found at Aegee activities. I also like to travel and enjoy a drink with friends.

During my year on the board of SPiN and during my studies, in the English track of Psychology, it became clear to me that international students are often a forgotten group within the university and that integration with Dutch students and the Dutch student culture is often difficult. Associations are very important at the university and what they offer to students. asap is already taking good steps to help international students and this is one of the choices I made for asap. I would like to work on taking even more steps in this direction, for example, to create a culture that is more about the international student as an active student.

In my years at university I have found out that tailor-made studying, without loss of quality, such as “flexible studying”, is of great importance for the well-being of the student and for the possibilities of being able to do more besides studying. There is still room for improvement in this area and I would like to make a case for it.

In addition, I have learned that it is important that students are heard and seen. Only in this way can we, as students, also influence the education we receive. That’s why I’ve been on the evaluation committee of my year at psychology for three years now and I’m now a candidate for the USR and the FSR of social sciences.

My choice for asap was mainly because they also find these points important and in the contact I already had with the USR I found that asap had a nice, constructive way of acting. They set idealistic but attainable goals and have already achieved a lot within the university.

(#10) Idse ten Brinke

My name is Idse ten Brinke, I study Business Administration and this year I am #10 at asap. During my student years, I was mainly active at the N.S.V. Carolus Magnus, where I did a fulltime board year, next to several committees.

I am on the list with asap because I think the university can facilitate extracurricular activities even more, because if you give students room to develop within their own interests, they will enjoy studying and that benefits the well-being of students. I also think that the university underestimates the added value of student associations to both the university and the city.

(#11) Maud Weijers

I am Maud, I am 22 years old and I study International Business Communication. This year I am number 11 on the asap list. After being active in committees for several years, I am the chairman of Babylon this year. In addition, I have been doing voluntary work with demented elderly people for a while now. In the time that remains I like to enjoy everything that Nijmegen has to offer with my friends.

asap is committed to inclusiveness and involvement of all faculties and students. We all study at the same university, so we should all have the same opportunities. In the past few years as a student, I have noticed that this is not always the case. That is why I would like to get involved this year on behalf of asap!

(#12) Niels van de Beek

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I am Niels, am 22 years old and study dentistry. This year I am number 12 on the list of asap! Next to my study I am secretary of the faculty student council. Besides that, I have almost a handful of jobs that I like to keep myself busy with. I love going out with friends and learning Chinese in my spare time.

Professional development and care/attention from the university for students are central to me. I think it is of great importance that all students can go to the university with their problems. ASAP pleads for the optimization of this care structure and the importance of professional development among students. Furthermore, ASAP sets realistic goals and takes a critical look at university policy. I can agree with this and therefore my choice for asap was very easy!

(#13) Mark Eggink

I’m Mark, I study political science and I am this year’s full-time board member of N.S.R.V. Phocas as Competition Commissioner. You can find me at number 13 on the list of asap. Rowing is one of the passions I discovered when I started studying and is how I became active outside my studies. That is something I can recommend to everyone!

I am on the list of asap because I think it is important that students are given the space to optimally arrange their time as a student in preparation for their working life. If that means developing yourself outside of lecture halls, in a committee, as a board member or as an athlete, then we think the university should support you in that. This can be done by making it easier to organise your study career in a flexible way!

If you want to know more about what asap thinks support from the university should look like, or because you are curious about our other positions, please read our election programme. And don’t forget to vote for asap between 31 May and 3 June!

(#14) Jamie Aartsen

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I am Jamie, I am 21 years old, I study Artificial Intelligence and I am #14 on the list of asap! Last year I was on the board of study association CognAC, where I oversaw all the committees. This year I am doing my bit for charity as treasurer of the RAGweek foundation. Furthermore, I spend my free time making music, or at the many terraces of Nijmegen.

I am on the list of asap, because asap values student welfare and interdisciplinary education, among other things. In terms of welfare, I notice that there are still many students, including myself, who run up against a wall in their search for the right guidance within the university.

(#15) Jelle Huvers

My name is Jelle, 22 years old and currently in the fourth year of Geography, Planning and Environment. This year I am #15 on the list. I have been active in the student association Ovum Novum for a long time and this year I am Ab-Actis. In the past I was also active in various committees at study association Mundus.

This year I am on the list of asap because I think it is very important that active students are heard within the university student council and that the university supports active students more to develop themselves outside their studies. Think for example of a fairer compensation for student board members, so that more students can develop themselves better, just like me.