Meet our candidates

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#1 Mark Bunschoten (Political Science)

My name is Mark Bunschoten, I am 21 years old and I am currently in my third year of my bachelor in political science. Besides writing my thesis, I am also a member of the Programme Committee (OLC) of political science. As a member of the OLC, I am mainly involved in faculty affairs and in this role I am also involved in setting up a new learning line on personal and professional development within the faculty. I am also a member of the student hockey association Apeliotes. I play in the competition here and also train with a teammate every week. Outside university, I like to meet up with friends for a drink or enjoy a meal on a terrace.

As a student who is not only active within his study and co-determination, but also outside education, I have learned and seen how important it is that everyone’s voice is heard. Now that covid finally seems to be over and agendas are once again filling up with all kinds of compulsory and social activities, it is important that the voice of students is heard. I have joined asap because asap is fighting for the voice of the student to be heard who is not only concerned with education, but also wants space for self-development and enrichment in whatever area. asap does this by listening carefully and being constructive by coming up with good ideas and arguments, something that appeals to me personally!

In addition, asap wants a green and active campus for everyone where there is enough space to enjoy the tranquillity and nature that our campus is already rich in and where everyone who wants to can also take part in sports or develop themselves in any way they can. I want to make a case in the USR next year for more green space on campus and for every student to be able to get to campus safely by bike or public transport. asap has good ideas for this that I would like to put forward in the USR next year. That is why I am number 1 on the list of asap!

#2 Ishani Udas (Artificial Intelligence)

Hey! My name is Ishani Udas, I’m 20 years old and a third year AI bachelor student. I am an international student from Abu Dhabi (originally from India). I am currently on the board of my study association SV CognAC as the Chief of Education, and also am one of the first non-EU board members at Radboud University. Within my association, I am a part of multiple committees and am currently in the Study Committee, Symposium Committee, International Committee and Parents Day Committee. Besides that, I am an advisory member in both Bachelor and Master DPC’s (OLC’s) of my program. I was also a student-mentor in our study’s first-year mentorship program and did Honors last year, and this year I’m a part of the editors’ team of Turning Magazine. In my free time, I enjoy pro-binge watching movies and shows, dancing, hanging out with friends and I also have groups I play DnD with.

With all the different opportunities I’ve taken up at university, personal development has always been an important point for me. I strongly believe that every student should have the opportunity to develop themselves in any way they choose to do so, and should have access to those opportunities. That is the reason why I am with asap for the elections this year as their #2 candidate since this is something they believe in as well.

I have many aspirations for a year in the USC, but the point I would like to focus on is improving the physical and mental well-being of students. Speaking from both a personal level and having noticed it via all my extracurriculars, student wellbeing took a big hit during the pandemic. Therefore, I would like to work on shedding  importance on the issue by ways such as having an integrated care map that highlights the care possibilities from university and the regular health care system.  I would also like to have more clear and comprehensive support from the university to student and study organisations in combating loneliness. Finally, as an international, I identify the struggle in having to find your way from scratch in a different country, which is why I would also like to be the voice for internationals in the USC and strive for better help for and integration of international students. asap recognizes and fully supports the strive for tackling physical and mental well-being, and this is another reason why I am on their electoral list.

#3 Mark de Jong (Computing Science)

I am one of the 2 Mark’s this year, also 21 years old. My study, however, is Computing Science. I am in my third year of the bachelor ‘s although I am far from done. This is mainly because I love doing things next to my study. Currently I am the chair of Study Association Thalia. This is not only a lot of fun, it also showed me how much I care about the university and the students that study here. Over the past year I worked hard on mental wellbeing, giving more recognition to master students and trying to get the mess that was left after a year of lockdowns together. Besides the serious stuff I also really love cooking, visiting my aunt in Italy is always a treat for food inspiration. Next to that I like playing soccer with my association and my plants inside my room have not perished for over a year, which is an impressive feat for me.

As I said above, I love doing things next to my study. I could just go to lectures, hand in assignments and finish exams. On the other hand, I could do a board year for my association, be active in committees, go abroad or follow courses at other faculties to enjoy everything a student life has to offer. This is what asap stands for and promotes: Growing and developing as a student. It very much aligns with what I love doing and what I believe everyone should get the chance to experience as well. asap encourages a healthy and rich student life! One of the things asap and I want to accomplish is better examination. Studying should be about learning new subjects, not ticking off boxes to get that diploma. Better education means better students. This is why I am number 3 on the list for asap!

#4 Isa Witteveen (Medicine & Pedagogical Science)

Hey, my name is Isa Witteveen, I am 23 years old and a fifth-year student. I study medicine and pedagogical sciences and I am also an active student. During my studies, I have been active in the council, first as a year representative and in the SOOS board at the medical faculty. For the past three years, I have been active in the study programme committee. Besides my studies, I teach CPR at secondary schools and play basketball at the Radboud Sports Centre. I have also been active in IFMSA-Nijmegen since 2018, this year as an interim board member and last year as a national board member of IFMSA-NL.

Through all these experiences I have seen what you can learn as a student outside your studies. You can develop yourself in intensive cooperation, effective meetings, professional communication, realistic planning and much more, which sometimes gets less attention within a study. And that is why, just like asap, I want everyone to feel and get the space to seize these opportunities.

During my years on the education committee, one of the things I looked at was the safe learning environment, because unfortunately this is not yet self-evident. Like me, asap wants continued attention for social safety at the RU; a campus without discrimination and intimidation, for example. I think it is important that the university actively works on creating and/or maintaining a safe environment where everyone can be themselves. It is important to work both preventively and to ensure that problems are dealt with quickly, for example by having low-threshold contact points and increasing the visibility of confidential advisers.

By following a double bachelor’s course, I experience the differences between faculties. I would like to share this experience within the University Student Council (USC) so that study programmes can learn from each other.
Just like asap, I believe that everyone should get the best possible education in the safest possible environment. That is why I am in fourth place on asap‘s list.

#5 Coen Willemse (Law)

Hi, my name is Coen Willemse, 21 years old and I am a fourth year law student. Besides gaining some EC’s here and there, this year I am the chairman of the Juridische Faculteitsvereniging Nijmegen. This means that, apart from chairing the association, I am also busy with the acquisition of the association. Before this I was a member of several committees of the JFV. By becoming active in my study association, I have met many different people and I have learned things that I did not learn at university.

A realistic vision and problem-solving. These are two qualities that are very important to me and they are also important to asap. Student party asap is committed to the active student and to enabling him or her to develop on a personal level and to develop skills through extra curricular activities. I have noticed how much I have learned from these activities and therefore think it is important that students are given the space to achieve student success as well!

That is why I am on place 5 of the list of asap! Do you agree with me? Then vote for me from 30 May to 2 June!

#6 Anouk Toma (Psychology)

Hi, my name is Anouk, I am 22 years old and I am in the second year of the bachelor Psychology. Next to my study I am active as a board member of my study association SPiN. I am the commissioner for External Relations and my main tasks are finding sponsors, maintaining contact with external parties and drawing up contracts. I am also active in a few SPiN committees. When I started studying, everything was online. I was also in a committee of SPiN, but even those activities were all online. This year, with my year on the board, I suddenly went from having almost no student life to having a very active student life. So I also learned how important it is to have the opportunity to be active next to your studies. You learn things here that you won’t learn by just studying.

The reason I support asap is because they are committed to the active student. It is important to be able to study flexibly and to have a wide variety of learning opportunities. To do this, there must be variation in the possibilities of teaching. By recording lectures and making them available to students, students can study more flexibly. This gives them more time for personal development both within and outside of their studies. That is why I am number 6 on the list of asap.

#7 Rens van der Schoot (Geography, Planning & Envirorment)

Hey all, I am Rens, 21 years old and a third year student of Geography, Planning and Environment. I am from the beautiful city of Breda, but have been living in a cosy student house in Nijmegen since the beginning of my studies. Besides my studies, I am also the president of study association Mundus this year, a position that I hold with great pleasure. During my year on the board I have gained a lot of practical knowledge and skills that I did not learn at university, such as leading meetings and maintaining contact with the faculty. Above all, I have been able to expand my network considerably. Besides this board year, I am working as a student ambassador for the Radboud Honours Academy, where I am committed to informing students about Honours.

I am on the list for asap because I think a sustainable study climate is very important. Certainly with a view to the climate, it is important that the university makes as much effort as possible to achieve a sustainable study climate. To combat the problem of climate change as best as possible, all students should also do their bit. Besides this form of sustainability, sustainability in use is important: asap wants sustainable facilities and study materials so that students can benefit from them for a long time. This is why I am on place 7 of the asap list. Do you think this is important too? Then vote for me and for asap from 30 May to 2 June!

#8 Valérie de Kort (International Business Communication)

Hi, I am Valérie de Kort and I am 23 years old. I’m in the third year of the International Business Communication study, half of which I follow in French. Besides reading books every now and then, I also work as an ambassador and information officer for the Radboud University at secondary schools and I’m on committees with the Red Cross Student Desk, where I organise projects and am partly concerned with the mental health of students.

I have always had a very broad interest and would prefer to combine French with geography or business administration with history. One of the reasons I chose to work for asap is because of its ambition to make interfaculty and interdisciplinary education more accessible. At the moment it is often complicated to take a minor at another faculty (e.g. due to scheduling issues). We want to make this easier as soon as possible so that everyone can develop optimally and be prepared to solve complex problems in our society.

#9 Daniel Kaptein (Public Administration)

Hi, I am Daniel and I am 25 years old. I have been studying at our beautiful university for 5 years now. I am now in my Master’s degree in Administration and do an internship at AON. In my spare time I like to tap beers at Café Samson and I can regularly be found on a terrace. I have been active for 5 years with study association BOW, did a board year with the LCB (national public administration congress), and in recent years I have also been active with asap. During my time at university, I have seen many things go well, but there is also a lot of room for improvement. That is why I have been involved with asap in recent years, including writing the election programme.

asap fits in because they are committed to all active students. They have a realistic view of the situation and work constructively with the university on solutions. I think a liveable campus is important where students get the chance to develop and manifest themselves in a broad sense. That is why I am in 9th place on the list of asap.

#10 Gijs Tolmeijer (Business Administration)

I am Gijs, 22 years old, and have just completed my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Studying went quite well for me (although I think this is more due to business administration than to me), so I had a lot of time to develop myself next to my studies. I joined the rowing club Phocas immediately in my first year. Here I rowed fanatically for three years in the regatta selections. I also developed myself in various organisational committees. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree last academic year, I am now fully committed to Phocas as chairman of the board. In this way, I am doing my bit to give the Nijmegen students a real student time.

I am on the electoral list with asap this year, because we are committed to flexible studying. I am convinced that you learn a lot from your studies, but even more in your personal development as a person outside them. asap is committed to giving students who want to excel in addition to their studies, for example through sports like I did, the space and support they need from the university. In this way, students can develop optimally for their working lives.

#11 Gohar Pogosian (Political Science)

I am Gohar, 22 years old and a fourth-year student of political science. In recent years I have been active in study association ismus and I am a member of Carolus Magnus. I also do an internship and work as an E-supporter and in the catering industry. Last year I was also a board member of the B.O.S. as a political commissioner. I have learned a lot from these years and have been able to develop myself outside of college. Through board and committee work, I was able to acquire certain skills and build up a nice network.

I am on the list for asap this year because I think personal development is very important and I notice that the university does not make this a priority enough. Students should be able to develop themselves and discover their talents and interests. This is not only achieved by studying, but also by being actively involved in side activities. It is precisely in these kinds of activities that students are challenged both professionally and personally and that these skills come in handy for the future. At asap, this is seen as a priority and, in addition to flexible education, they find it important that active students receive appropriate guidance.

#12 Marius Wolsink (Psychology)

My name is Marius Wolsink and I am 21 years old. At the moment I am in the third year of my Psychology bachelor programme. In addition to my studies, I have been on various committees for the study association Spin. I also work as a student assistant at the Max Planck Institute. Last year I took part in an interdisciplinary programme called “Building Bridges”, in which I got to know a lot of people from different studies. So I am quite active besides my studies and that is also what appeals to me about asap, because asap wants to dedicate itself to students who want to develop themselves besides their studies. In addition, asap also appeals to me because they are able to take a critical attitude and set realistic goals.

In order to develop personally in addition to your studies, it is important that you are able to do several things at once. For this, good mental wellbeing is very important. Because mental problems are becoming more and more common among students, this year I want to fight for more recognition of the mental problems that students experience. To achieve this recognition, it is important that there is more talk and discussion about this. I also think that the university can play an important role in improving the mental well-being of students. That is why this year I want to make a case for expanding student guidance and I am in favour of more personal guidance. Personal counselling can help students to deal with the stress they are experiencing and to address mental problems sooner.

#13 Anna van Florestein (Notarial Law)

My name is Anna, I am 21 years old and I am in the third year of my Bachelor of Notarial Law. In the past years I have done two interdisciplinary honours programmes at the Radboud Honours Academy (RHA) and have been on several committees. I am currently serving a year on the board of the Nijmegen Student Honours Association (NSHV) as a commissioner for internal relations and I am working as a student ambassador for the RHA.

It appeals to me that asap stands for future-proof education and personal development. For the complicated social issues of today, you usually cannot find a solution within your own discipline alone. That is why I think it is important that every student has the opportunity to look beyond the boundaries of his own discipline. In this way, you broaden your horizons, you learn from students with different academic backgrounds and, as I said, you can find more effective and innovative solutions to problems. That is why we need to invest in, for example, interdisciplinary programmes and sufficiently accessible interfaculty education. That is what I will be fighting for this year at asap!

#14 Jorrit de Boer (Computing Science & Mathematics)

Hi, I’m Jorrit, 22 years old, studying computer science and mathematics. Last year I was on the board of Thalia, the study association for computer science, and at the moment I’m involved in the faculty through my work in the faculty student council.

As you can see, I like to be involved in more than just the standard curriculum: a second study, a year on the board, participation. I’ve seen how much fun that can be, but also how it can be instructive and good for your personal development. That is why I am on asap‘s list. asap believes that studying is more than just studying. What goes with it is a lively campus. A campus where you don’t just go to college, but where you spend more time because of associations, sports and studying. asap therefore wants the facilities to be good in order to support and stimulate these activities.

#15 Iris Bollen (Geography, Planning & Envirorment)

My name is Iris, I am 23 years old and I study Geography, Planning & Environment. During the first two years of my study I was active with my student association and the last few years I can be found a lot at student association Ovum Novum. After having been on many committees, I am now doing a fulltime board year here. I have also worked for various employers throughout my student years and now work for Tappers.

I have learned a lot in recent years and developed myself. Especially through my year on the board, I really got to know myself and found out what I am good at professionally, but also on a personal level.

The reason why I want to stand for election on the list of asap is because asap makes itself hard for the active student. I also think it is extremely important that students can develop themselves and gain knowledge outside the classroom. It is precisely through additional activities that students can discover where their talents lie, which can also help them in their careers. asap strives for flexible and future-oriented education, where students can easily arrange their own time to make time for other things, such as committee work, part-time jobs, internships, administrative years, etc.
Creating opportunities for the active student is the reason I joined asap and made myself available for election.