Our vision

asap is regarded as the most effective student party in student participation at Radboud University. We adopt a professional and constructive attitude towards the Executive Board, the Employees Council and the other participants in the University Student Council. Together we aim for one goal: creating a surrounding for study at the Radboud University as pleasant as possible. asap provides the Executive Board with bright ideas and is critical with respect to the content. We will enter into conversation with everybody and also dare to take position. We bring forward experts on student participation who participate fully in student life, accumulated relevant experience obtained in various positions, ranging from board, association to participation. Our members of the council are keen on the outlines, well-defined at the right moment and do not get bogged down in the details. It is our task to give voice to the active student.

A fundamental discussion means for asap only the first step to a powerful participation. We not only know how to address problems, also the route to specific solutions is clear to us. asap maintains good relationships with various stakeholders. Through collaboration with among others Student Affairs Office, Student Life and Green Office we try to get linked. Starting with ideas, ending with implementation: asap is a jack-of-all-trades. We are pragmatic, decisive, and results-oriented. We offer realistic plans and remain in touch until actual implementation has been achieved. This attitude leads to hard results.

asap was born from a call for transparency. The same transparency we pursue in our communication: we are clear in our goals and value a two way-communication. Our party is approachable for everyone and is always open for input.

The ‘active student’

asap has been standing up for the student community of Radboud University for years now and in doing so has specifically focussed on the active student. We think everyone who does something extra within or outside of their studies can be called an active student. This may for example involve students who:

  • are active in student participation;
  • are caregivers;
  • are entrepreneurs;
  • follow extracurricular courses;
  • have an extensive side job;
  • participate in a student board or committee;
  • participate in research projects;
  • practice sports at a high level.

By participating in ancillary activities students develop skills that cannot be learned during lectures. These skills can be very valuable for your future career and self-development. asap thinks it is of great importance that students are able to personally form themselves.

asap represents the active student in the student participation by means of four key points. First of all, asap advocates future-proof and innovative forms of education. Besides that, asap makes an effort to create a good and flexible study climate where students have space to work on their personal development. Furthermore, student support needs to be in order. Well-being is an essential requirement to form yourself. Lastly, the campus has to be ordered in such a way that it invites students to take part in broadening activities. This vision cannot be carried out without the core quality of asap: powerful representation.

Future-proof education

The world is subject to change and this has important implications for education. It is increasingly difficult to find solutions for new social challenges using only disciplinary views, crossing borders becomes a necessity.
Furthermore, one observes a growing need among students to broaden their views and to leave the beaten tracks. Therefore, not only sufficient accessible interfaculty education is of interest, but also interdisciplinary programs need to be financed.

Educational innovation extends beyond offering different courses. It is also about improving or making better use of the resources that a university has at its disposal. Digitization offers the possibility to organize courses in a different way. Blended learning, where online learning is combined with offline education, can benefit education. There is more room for experimenting with new forms of education, like is currently mostly done at the Radboud Honours Academy. The Radboud University should be a center of knowledge in the area of educational innovation, initiating and integrating successful projects, rolled out on a large scale.

Teachers play an essential role in educational innovation, but also in the student’s learning process. The Radboud University should respond to this development by improving the professionalization of teachers. Through the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre teachers are being stimulated to strive for personal developments. The acquired knowledge and skills can be used thereafter in the interaction with their students. In an ideal situation, teachers provide high-quality feedback, coach students in their skills and are experts when it comes to testing.

Personal development

Although one goes to university to study, it is also the place where students can develop themselves. During your time as a student you must be encouraged to find out what your interests are and how you see yourself. asap therefore makes an effort for flexible education which makes space for every student to develop oneself.

For example, it has to be possible for students to adjust their study program to their own wishes. Besides, the university must give students the possibility to organize their schedule themselves, so along with their study they can also be active as a member of an association. These additional activities should not be seen as study delay, but rather as study enrichment. This first of all takes some flexibility from the university. In addition, we are in favor of a mindset change from both students and university staff to a culture in which personal development instead of on time graduation is paramount. For the active students it is essential there is suitable guidance they can use.

Student support

asap believes that students at Radboud University should be given the opportunity to develop themselves. According to asap, well-being and adequate guidance are fundamental conditions for making this development process successful. At a time in which students are experiencing an increasing pressure and it is taken for granted that everyone does graduate on time, it is more important than ever to have adequate supportive facilities.

Well-being is an essential condition to develop yourself. Offered personal guidance which is adjusted to the student in terms of intensity and content is required for this. Professional and personal development are the focus of this support.

Radboud University should also provide curative care if this is necessary. However, the university should also refer students with non-study-related problems to the right place.
In this way, the university should offer low-threshold access to students with study difficulties so they can ask for guidance.

Lively campus

Students nowadays are not only on campus to attend lectures. It has to be a place where you can study, meet each other, spend time in the gym, do business, find your cultural spirit and eat together. That is why asap strives for Radboud University to be a campus university, where the campus has to be designed in such a way that all these activities can be facilitated.

In order to attain this goal, it is essential that there are enough and appropriate study workplaces and that students know where to find them. asap aims at a campus where students from all backgrounds feel at home, which requires the university to keep facilitating associations in the field of sport, culture and leisure and to enrich this wherever possible. asap keeps striving towards a campus where all students will be facilitated to be themselves and where they have the opportunity to be active besides their study program.

With the further development of the campus because of construction and renovation, sustainability is of paramount importance. A lively campus also involves a greener campus. Besides that, asap advocates an examination into whether old or empty buildings can be given a new purpose, for example student housing. Furthermore, asap strives for catering facilities in which sustainability and affordability are well balanced, where you can also quickly grab something to eat and where everyone can join in.

Powerful representation

This vision cannot be carried out without the core quality of asap: powerful representation.

asap commits itself to powerful representation on both a centralised and a decentralised level. In the University Student Council our group champions constructive and professional student participation. This means we critically assess proposals of the Executive Board, but we also take the initiative by giving advice. Members of the group asap are in close contact with the policy makers and the members of the Executive Board. This way we provide Radboud University with critical questions and refreshing insights both formally and informally.

asap makes an effort for the decentralised student participation by using the powers we have concerning the student participation structure. We try to empower the Faculty Student Council and program committees by promoting an equal relation between student representation and staff representation. We also regularly keep in touch with other representatives and students at Radboud Universiteit to keep our feeling with the day to day educational practice at the faculties.